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Why Do People Wear Protection Jewelry?

The use of amulets and talismans goes way back, probably to caveman days. Often early protection jewelry was made from animal bones and bird feathers. To this day people still wear jewelry with animals that represent a totem animal or an animal that a person relates too. Not much has changed for us humans.  Angels have since Christianity, been a symbol of protection and guidance. Many people wear crosses and angels as a symbol of their faith and a symbol of protection.

Any amulet or talisman can be imbued with intent. Intent is but energy, like everything around us. Energy swirls from everything living and nonliving. When intent is given to an object it carries the energy of that intent with it. The angel, cross, pentacle or other symbol hanging from the review mirror in a car is most likely hanging there for protection while traveling. Any of these symbols, amulets or totems that a person carries around their neck or on there person can be for the simple everyday intention to stay safe in an unsafe world.

In The Raven and Crow, we want to develop many different kinds of protection jewelry. We have started off with a few and hope to keep adding to our collection so as to have whatever calls to every person. We have also added to a selection of pet jewelry also.

Come into the store and have a look and keep following us to see what we add to our inventory.

As always, feel free to offer suggestions and advice. Its always welcome.


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