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What's on the Horizen?

Well, besides the new items that went up in the store last Friday, there are a couple of exciting additions coming to the store. First off our Long time friend, Beth Brown, will be adding her line of homemade, natural health and beauty products to The Raven and Crow. I personally use her Better Balm all the time for the nasty arthritis flare up I get in my thumbs. we are very excited to offer these products! There will be more info as the launch gets closer. Look for comments from creator Beth Brown on this blog. Secondly, we have purchased crystal pet charms for your beloved animals that clip onto their collars. Now you will be able to give the benefits of crystal healing to your animals. See ya in The Raven and Crow!

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  • I’m very excited to offer my beauty products. This is been a long time coming. I’ve been making these for years for family and friends and it’s time that the world gets to see that wonderful skin and problem areas do not have to cost a fortune to fix. I use the highest quality ingredients that are all organic and have only the purest of essential oil’s. I do not use fragrances or preservatives. Just all natural ingredients as mother earth intended. My line, get better. Be better. Will release to you on April 1, 2017. And there’s no better place to launch my line to the world than the Raven and the crow. Because purity and honesty are there core family values.
    Beth Brown

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