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What's New?

What is to look forward to in The Raven and Crow this week? Well there will be a couple of things. First and were very excited for this is the pet charms. How many times have I wished I could put my crystals on my animals so they could have the wonderful benefits that I have had from them. There will be an assortment of crystals that you will be able to choose from and we will make sure to have descriptions of what each one can do.

We are also going to have some intention candles. a couple to choose from for starters. We are also going to offer Himalayan salts, for the bath.  There are many healing properties of Himalayan salt. Skin, body, muscle and bone all benefit. If you have never tried it, you must after a long tiring day, its the best!

Right now we are giving away the Ohm key chain with every order till supplies run out. Carry the sound of the universe wherever you roam.

Hope you will come in and shop with us! See you in The Raven and Crow!

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