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Whats Happening this Week

Good Monday morning! We have added some new products to The Raven and Crow. If you check out the store today you will see that we have a new leather bound journal. This journal is the thickest one so far with soft leather and tooled design on both front and back. we are happy with our ohm key chains and pentagram incense holder but we are REALLY excited about our new natural stone bracelets! They are of beautiful quality and well made. Please go see them. I hope there is one that catches your eye.

Ashley and I love wearing stone jewelry. Its much more that just accessorizing an outfit. Natural stones and crystals vibrate to different energies so if your intuition needs a boost you might wear amethyst 0r if you need a boost to find your words to deliver a speech, you might wear turquoise. There are endless possibilities!   

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