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Whats Coming for Spring!

We have some new merchandise coming this spring! What better way to start off the beginning of fresh and sweet spring then to have wonderful floral and woodsy scents. That's right, new scents are coming to The Raven and Crow. Blends of essential oils to make your whole day fresh and relaxing. How will you be able to use these oils? There will be a whole assortment of oil diffuser necklaces. Yes, silver and brass design necklaces that will be able to hold your favorite scents in them. You will smell your favorite scent all day long. Look forward to seeing these new offerings in the store in a couple of weeks. We will let you know as the time draws near!

This spring we will be offering more Get Better. Be Better products for health and beauty. We still have plenty of product available for purchase. Why be exposed to chemicals and carcinogens when you can use these wonderful products for your skin. Don't forget there is Better Paws to protect and care for your pets tender paw pads. Someone asked if Better Paws could be used on their dogs dry nose, yes! You can use it on their nose because it is a safe and natural product.

Wow, so much to look forward to. See you in the Raven and Crow!  

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