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Wear your Intent

What do you need to attract to your life? Abundance, love, protection from negativity? We all have our needs everyday. We offer incense/perfume oil so you can wear your intent. Having a rough time at work because of a workmate that makes your job hard. Frankincense it is then. Frankincense corresponds to protection, deflecting negativity. These are just a few. What about love? Are you looking for love or do you maybe need to feel more love. A scent with jasmine or rose would be perfect.

I wear oils all the time. I use scent and its properties to manifest my need for that day. If I'm feeling the need to connect with my spiritual self then I wear India Temple oil. Sometimes I feel stressed from bills and money issues. I like to wear something with patchouli in it. 

You can also wear oils that correspond to the elements. If I feel the need to be grounded and need to connect with the element of earth, then I like to wear something with sandalwood in it. These are just some of the ideas you can employ to serve your intent. We have the power to draw our intent to us in many ways but wearing oil with corresponding properties is one easy way to do that. You also get the benefit of having the scent with you all day or at night when you sleep.

At The Raven and Crow, we offer an ever growing variety of incense/perfume oils. We have made a point of wearing all the oils we have in the store ourselves. We like to make sure that every scent is great. Our newest is Frankincense and the Peace oil. The Peace oil totally lives up to its name! I love the relaxing feeling it gives you. If you are having stress or have anger issues, I would recommend it. Its properties give you a sense of restful peace. We hope that you will look at our incense/perfume oils and take the time to find out what intent you need!

See you in The Raven and Crow!


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