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Welcome To Our Shop!

Spring brings New!

Yay for the sunshine and hello warmer air, it is just going to get better. Spring brings back all the new growth and flowers, green grass and leaves on the trees. Everything is born again.

We have new growth happening in The Raven and Crow too. Many new products have come in and still some more on the way. What's new? We have added to our collection of journals with the addition of the dream journal. Dream journaling can sharpen your intuitive self and evoke the psychic ability we all have. Dreaming is how our unconscious self speaks to our conscious self. We are happy to offer a dream journal that can easily travel with you and store on your bedside table.

The tree of life is a Celtic symbol that represents the nourishing powers of mother earth. The trunk represents the mind and body and the branches are the wisdom we gather on our life's journey. We have a wall plaque with the tree of life caved into it. Its a beautiful piece of home décor.

  We are slowly expanding our collection of perfumed oils and have added patchouli, amber oil. It smells delicious! We have added a chakra pendant with silver plated chain and a chakra beaded bracelet to our natural stone bracelet collection.

There are 5 new products in the Get Better. Be Better product line that I'm going to blog about later this week. They are a story all on there own.

Hope you will stop in and have a look at what spring has brought us.

See you in The Raven and Crow!



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