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New Get Better. Be Better!

Today is the launch of four new products from Beth Brown and her Get Better. Be Better line of natural health and beauty products. Today in the store you will find Better Brain, Better Sinus, Better Sleep and Better Joint. All of these new products are homemade from natural essentials oils.

Are you tired of hearing about the chemicals and carcinogens in the products that you find on the pharmacy shelves? well, so am I. I really want to use products for my skin and hair, pain relief, sinus and sleep problems that is not going to hurt me. I HAVE all of these issues. Chronic pain from arthritis can be so debilitating. I have been an avid user of Better Balm for a couple of years. I cant cure arthritis but I do consider it an aide in giving myself some relief. Now I can add Better Joint to my pain fighting arsenal. I have now tried better sleep and there is another product to aide in the fight for reduced pain and a good nights sleep, something that chronic pain sufferers are always chasing. I am also starting to use Better sinus, like so many I have seasonal allergies. The Better sinus is totally soothing and you can feel the lightening in your sinuses almost immediately.

I'm hoping, along with Beth that people will really give the Get Better. Be Better. products an honest try and I believe they will find that they can help themselves without always turning to products that contain harmful ingredients.  

Come see us at The Raven and Crow and find your BETTER life!

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