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Let's talk about health and beauty!

So many products to pick from, what's good? Well, I'm no expert on beauty products and I don't even wear make up. I like to keep it simple. A little moisturizer on my face and maybe some body lotion and that's it.

I have read articles about the many chemicals in skin care products and shampoo, all very daunting and enough to make you double think all those products on the store shelves.

A friend of mine one day told me she had made a balm for minor pain relief. I, being a person with chronic pain said oh, let me try it. That was my first experience with Better Balm, the naming of it a story for another time. I have bad arthritis. sometimes it acts up in my thumbs and they ache awful without even moving them. I rubbed on the Better Balm and it a minute I was getting relief from that miserable ache. 

My friend Beth Brown, created Better Balm and a line of homemade skin care products. We will be launching Beth's collection on April 1, 2017. We are so excited to offer her brand. She will be offering a skin scrub, lip balm, skin lotion and even skin care for your pets paws.

I am an avid user of Better Balm but I cant wait to try her other products. Look for Beth's collection of Get Better Be Better products in The Raven and Crow shop on April1st.

See you there!

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  • Just one more day. It’s hard to believe I’m just one day away from something that not too long ago was just a dream. I created the “Get better. Be better” line for one simple reason. We need to STOP putting chemicals in and in our bodies. There’s a better way to be healthy. There’s a better way to get relief. there’s a better way than big Pharma. I have spent many years doing research just to find Simple little ways to make life better. I’m not only proud of my new line of products but I’m so excited to share them with the world. I want you to know that you do not need pills and you do not need chemicals and you do not need poisons to put in your body or to put on your body to get rid of every day ailments. Its just one more day until the entire world will be open to my new product line. Let me make you better.

    Beth Brown

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