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Welcome To Our Shop!

Its a Spiritual Time of the Year for Everyone.

Winter is setting in and the chill is in the air along with the snow. Its a time of many different spiritual traditions. Its also the busiest shopping time of the year. The trend is now huge in online shopping. Its benefits far out weigh the stress of traveling in the cold and snow, fighting for parking spots, standing in long lines and dealing with others short tempers. I'm stressed just thinking about it.

Here at The Raven and Crow We have tried to create a spiritual sight to shop at that reflects our products we sell and especially our handcrafted jewelry and wands. The concept of starting our store was to provide a creative outlet for the creative people in our family.  We want to be able to provide unusual and specially crafted items.

Our store reflects the many forms spirituality can take on. We are staunch believers that your spiritual life is as unique as your fingerprint and up to each individual to decide what their spiritual path is. 

Thanks to Shopify, online shopping is easy as ever. We now have auto fill. It makes shopping easier to have an account that will make your checkout a breeze and fast! There is now no leaving the store sight to complete Shopify payments. Safe and secure payments can be made now in our store and this is just another way online shopping is smooth and easy. 

We chose Shopify as the engine for our store because we wanted as much creative freedom as possible. We love being able to have pictures that show our merchandise but also provide the spiritual intent of our store. I'm not sure I would call it a brand yet but that is certainly in the making. Our handcrafted items are labors of love and plenty of work and care goes into the making of each piece. 

Here's to a happy and successful holiday season to all, no matter what your traditions are. May we all be happy and productive in the coming year. We hope to have you as one of our valued customers. 

See you in The Raven and Crow!


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