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Does it work?

What you think when you see health and beauty products? Does it work, is it worth the money? These are some of the reasons I started using the Get Better. Be Better line. I needed to know if the products we are selling in our store really work and if we are offering a product to our customers that they can truly benefit from.

I have been using Better Balm for several years and began using the other products when we decided to offer them in the store. Better Balm has defiantly become part of my arsenal to fight pain, I'm a believer in the other products now.

I am excited about Better Sleep, to say the least. Sleep disorder goes hand in hand with chronic pain. When I rubbed it on my feet I knew that the feet are a link to other systems in the body but I really only half heartedly believed. After a week I was amazed at the sleep I was getting, even having dreams again, which means I'm hitting rem sleep. I even stopped for two days to test and make sure Better Sleep was the reason. Sleep was broken and on the second day I woke with a miserable stiff neck. Last night I used Better Sleep and awoke with only one wake up in the night and easily went back to sleep.  I can honestly say the product truly works and recommend it to anyone who is having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

 Better Sinus also truly works and can help anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies and stuffy nose. Better Joint works. Better Brain is one I have not been able to test as I am not a headache person but my faith in the product is there.

I want to talk about how these products work together. If you are using Better Balm, add better joint. You get more pain relief and it heats it up for more effect and relief. Add Better Sleep and your getting the full effect.

Better Scrub is delightful;. It leaves your skin feeling soft , clean, and smooth. Following up with Better Skin seals the deal and gives you a clean, moisturized feel to your skin. I like to use the two after a shower and then add Better Lips to have a whole facial effect.

Does the product work and is it worst the money? Yes, yes, yes!

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