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Animal Totem Tuesday!

The Raven and Crow now has a YouTube channel. We are on lots of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and now a channel on YouTube. We are going to be doing a lot more then just store advertising. Mondays will be card of the week. This will be a card from the Wisdom Well deck and it will be posted for everyone to benefit from. Tuesday will be Animal Totem Tuesday. This will be about learning about animal totems and how that information can help you navigate through your daily life.

The rest of the week, well I'm not sure yet. I know I have bitten off quite a bit. In these uncertain times we are in, it is very hard to get a business started. We have to do all we can to show why our store is worthy of peoples attention and that we have the consumers best interest at heart when it comes to what we stand for and that our products reflect that we care for everyone and want to offer products that help them and make them happy!

Look for plenty of metaphysical information and spiritual inspiration from us and our social media accounts! I will list how to find us on all our social media. We have the same tag on all of them to make it easier to find the store pages.  Stay tuned to the YouTube channel to watch an assortment of videos on lots of different topics and see what we are offering in the store and get to know our products.

Facebook- @ravenandcrow56

Twitter- @ravenandcrow

Instagram- ravenandcrow56

GOOGLE+- The Raven and Crow online Store

Tumblr- ravenandcrow56

YouTube- The Raven and Crow online Store

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