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And Then There was the Internet!

Living in a small town did not make it easy to get metaphysical supplies or magickal ingredients. The best hope was the grocery store or Kmart. A trip to the big city was the only way to get books or real tools. There was always make your own and I always make my own when possible but sometimes you really want to see and have some things from a store. A trip to the big city was the only possibility and this country girl just didn't belong there. 

In the 90's is when we got our first home computer. the internet opened a whole new avenue to purchasing and gathering information. Not only could you go by books, tools and any other items you needed you could take online courses and do endless research. This is certainly the time the  new age and metaphysical era really took hold in my opinion. Now you can not just buy a candle but you can get a candle in every shape and color and have it sent to your door. 

I have found that different online stores have very different "feels" to them. Some are just straight up shopping, while others have a more spiritual sense to them and you have a very interesting shopping experience in these stores. The addition of blogs also puts a whole new spin to online stores.

Here at The Raven and Crow we are striving to create not just a store but a shopping experience. One that provides inspiration through our products and photos. We want people to come to our site and not just see it but have those "feels" I was taking about, never having just the same but always new to experience. We want to see our store blog become a useful tool to hear from our customers and know what their opinions are and get input on how to make that experience a reality. The blog does not have to have just store info but can be open to discussion on any subject that effects our spiritual needs. We hope you will be giving us input on what you think. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Look for new photos coming to the store site soon.

See you in The Raven and Crow! 

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